Wolves Project – Writing Help

Today my sixth graders were continuing with their notes for the Wolves Research Project. Many of them were finished and looking to move towards their project-making, but before that, my co-teacher and I wanted them to write. To make things easier for them to understand, I created a new Google Document to help them stay organized and get a better grasp on the writing part of the project. 

Teaching is all about change and being flexible. That is one huge thing I’ve learned during my student teaching experience.

As I worked with my sixth graders, I realized they needed some additional instruction in how to get from their notes to their projects…thus I created this Google Document.


It’s aimed to organize their research and help them focus on the actual informative writing, which is being assessed, rather than the ‘cuteness’ or ‘colorfulness’ of their projects. This was so simple, but helped my students with their project development and learning! Teaching and creating on the go–a definite part of my daily life!

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