#WhyIWrite And Why This Matters

On October 20, 2017 the #WhyIWrite hashtag was used 93,956 times on Twitter.
This breaks down to 38,928 original tweets.
And an estimated reach of 191 million people.

That’s huge. And that matters.

October 20th is the National Day Of Writing, a day where we recognize the impact writing has in our classrooms, in our lives, and in our worlds. It’s a day where we celebrate the power of voices – student voices, teacher voices, civilian voices, young voices, old voices, timid voices, loud voices – all voices. It’s a day where we acknowledge how writing connects us, builds us, strengthens us, and helps us grow.

It’s a day where we celebrate and have important conversations about the impact of the written world.

Writing empowers people. Writing gives us our own voices and platforms. Writing allows us to reach beyond our personal experiences and learn with, and about others. So today I’m celebrating, along with the rest of the world, the impact. On a personal level, writing has allowed me to flourish, to pursue my passions, to follow my dreams and to connect with people from all cultures and all over the world. Writing has given me my career, my voice, my soul. And I am forever thankful.

Here are some exciting images posted by teachers from around the world on the National Day Of Writing. I hope they inspire you as they’ve inspired me, and I hope they encourage us to keep these conversations open and celebrate writing in (and out!) of our classrooms as much as possible.

To check out the whole Oct. 20, 2017 tagboard for #WhyIWrite, click HERE.

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