Why I Want to Teach

Teaching, I believe, is the only profession that is both continuously changing and making a difference every single day. I know that I want to be a teacher because I want to be a part of changing lives and making memories in the classroom. My biggest goal as a teacher is to make learning fun. I plan to go above-and-beyond with the curriculum, finding new and exciting ways to teach academic material and make learning creative as well as analytical. One thing that I feel is very important is for each student to develop his or her own voice and opinions on different topics. I want to make sure, to the best of my ability, that each student is encouraged to express his or her ideas on a topic as well as feel safe, comfortable, and able to actively participate both in whole-group classroom discussions as well as small-group discussions. I want to be an inspiration to my students. I want them to feel appreciated, smart, and self-sufficient. I want to help them discover who they are and what they are capable of, and I want to help them see their futures and the positive things in store for them. As a teacher, I will strive to make a difference every day. When I communicate and work with students I can help them by being a positive role-model in their lives. In setting a good example, I hope to help them grow into responsible and mature adults.

I know that I will be a successful teacher because teaching is something that inspires me, helps me to be even more friendly and outgoing, will continue my learning, and will make me into an even more dedicated and positive adult that strives to make a difference in the next generations.

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