What is Blendspace?

Blendspace is a way to create interactive lessons that sync documents, Power Points, videos, pictures, and other materials in one succinct, easily managed, and organized space. Lessons are accessible by computer and allow students to use technology to learn independently!

blendspace3I came across this website in my student teaching experience. One of my cooperating teachers was using it to create an interactive lesson on the Civil Rights Movement. We had decided to make a short portion of the unit an independent unit. Students were to watch the video provided, then research from the given websites on a certain topic. The videos, websites, and important documents were all included in the Blendspace unit—this was awesome!

Not only could the students have everything easily organized and in one place, but they could also work independently! And use technology effectively!


Blendspace is an excellent teacher resource because it helps teachers to organize information and students to have easy access to it. Teachers can order and structure the lessons, giving students tasks to complete on their own, which is perfect for a Flipped Classroom environment or for giving more in-class time to thinks like individualized conferences (which was our plan).

The best part about Blendspace? You can easily locate and add digital content–from YouTube clips to photos, pdf files and PowerPoints. Everything is managed and accessible.



Want to see an example of a finished product? Here’s an awesome lesson on Literary Devices by teacher Courtney Meilke. If you are interested in seeing how to create a lesson of your own or how the website works, check out this how-to video below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3SIsMKbVG8]

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