Simple Math Game for the Little Guys

So on Thursday while working with my Lake Mills Kindergartners at the summer school, I learned a super easy game called “Top It” (or in other words, the little-kid version of the card game War).

What you need: a deck of cards and another person (or two)

How to play: Shuffle the deck and each person picks a card from the top. The highest card wins and takes both cards (object of the game is to have the most cards at the end!) If it’s a tie, then you do the same thing again, pick new cards, and whoever wins the tie-breaker takes the entire tie pile.

Two of my Kindergartners playing 'Top It' before heading to lunch.
Two of my Kindergartners playing ‘Top It’ before heading to lunch.

This game sounds super simple, but for five-year-olds it’s awesome because it helps them to practice counting, learn numbers and quantities, and have fun, too! I suggest it for small-aged kids–easy, but a great learning tool!

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