A Little Something to Show You Care

On the last day of Kindergarten with my Lake Mills Elementary kids (a summer part-time teaching job I picked up to get out of my comfort zone), I decided to put together a collection of pictures me and my other two co-teachers had taken over the course of three weeks. I wanted the kids to remember some of the fun we had, I wanted parents to know the different activities we did and why, and I wanted the kids to see themselves and feel important! Continue reading

School’s [Not] Out for the Summer!

In late May, a fellow teacher-friend told me about an awesome opportunity just outside of town—teaching summer school for elementary kids in Lake Mills, Iowa! As someone who’s always working with secondary students, I jumped on the opportunity to work with a different age-group and see how I could learn to adapt and change my teaching style for younger kids. (Plus, I’ve been working at the local daycare for almost four years now, so I at least have an idea of how youngsters act!) I was excited! Continue reading