Professional Development

The following show my experiences with professional development and out-of-classroom activities.

‘The Threat From Within’ – Why We Need To Pay Attention To What Our Schools/Universities Are Advocating - As educators, it is our job to teach, to inform, to instruct, but when it comes to issues such as politics, for example, we must do so with intent to be honest, fair, and unbiased.
7 Resources To Help Teach White Students About Racism - "The goals of these conversations are to dismantle the color-blind framework and prepare young people to work toward racial justice.”
Poverty Training - Today our Professional Development was held in the high school auditorium, bringing both middle and high school together for a presentation and mini-training on poverty.
Concerns from the Community – Standards-Based Grading - "When I think about my school experience, I think of multiple choice and true-false and fill-in-the-blank. I think of a score at the top of the page. What kind of feedback is that?"
First Day of FCMS Professional Development - PD Days are on Wednesdays at Forest City Middle School. There's a shortened schedule, and students are let out at 2, which means from 2:15-4 is an all-staff meeting/professional development/teacher prep time.
Data Teams - Mason City High School has Data Teams, which are essentially groups of teachers within the same discipline that work together throughout the year to better their teaching, create challenging assessments and classroom activities, meet standards, collaborate, and motivate one another.
Professional Development, Continued - There's a lot for new teachers to soak up in the weeks before school starts--this I've learned in my PD/Inservice (Professional Development) Days.
Starting Professional Development at MCHS - People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. This was the opening premise and strongest point I took away from today's Professional Development at Mason City High School (MCHS).
Atheism in the Classroom - The object of this presentation is to discuss the major beliefs and ideas that surround Atheism—whether the belief in the human mind and self-reliance, or the belief in science. The presentation reflects two major ideas: Atheism as a belief system or Atheism as the absence of faith in a higher power.