Data Teams

Mason City High School has Data Teams, which are essentially groups of teachers within the same discipline that work together throughout the year to better their teaching, create challenging assessments and classroom activities, meet standards, collaborate, and motivate one another.

data teams

Today was the first meeting of the 2015-2016 school year, and I was encouraged by the enthusiasm of my group. We discussed our goal for this year–to focus on an Employabilty Standard (preparing students for college and career readiness) that dealt with effective communication. This, we thought, was easily connected to each of our classes, but in unique and different ways. We could each measure this standard and compare data; the results would be both interesting and relevant.

This sheet [above] is a sheet from our Data Team meeting, discussing the purpose, roles, goals, and essentially the point of these teams. I’m excited to participate, give my insight, and help in these goals!

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