Teaching experiences involving students younger than grades 5th-12th.

What Three Weeks with Kindergartners Taught Me, a Secondary Ed. Teacher - There's a lot you can learn from a five-year-old: what day of the week it is, how to count using animal crackers, what month their birthday is, their favorite zoo animal, and how teaching them can help you become better at teaching middle and high school kids.
Simple Math Game for the Little Guys - So on Thursday while working with my Lake Mills Kindergartners at the summer school, I learned a super easy game called "Top It" (or in other words, the little-kid version of the card game War).
Make it Through the First Week of Kindergarten – Check! - My first week of Kindergarten classes went a lot better than expected!
School’s [Not] Out for the Summer! - In late May, a fellow teacher-friend told me about an awesome opportunity just outside of town—teaching summer school for elementary kids in Lake Mills, Iowa! As someone who’s always working with secondary students, I jumped on the opportunity to work with a different age-group and see how I could learn to adapt and change my teaching style for younger kids. (Plus, I’ve been working at the local daycare for almost four years now, so I at least have an idea of how youngsters act!) I was excited!