Notes on My Students

As my first placement comes to a close, there’s one thing I wanted to make sure to do before leaving: create a student note sheet for my cooperating teacher so that she knows a little about each student going back into full-time teaching.

Since I took over the majority of my teacher’s classes from the start, I got to know the students’ names, nicknames, quirks, passions, and random facts–these, my cooperating teacher wasn’t privy to. So I wanted to create a student note sheet for her to see a little about each student and put a name to a face.

Here’s what I created, based on the student seating charts:

kid notes

I wrote little notes around each of my student’s pictures–things about their attitude, performance so far, friends, off or on-task behaviors, and general notes about their lives, sports, activities, and information. [The students have been blacked out for privacy purposes, but you get the gist of what I was doing].

I thought this would be a useful tool for my cooperating teacher as she took the classes back; I also find it very useful for me to keep track of student information that I might easily forget. It gives me just a reminder slice of their background and I find these simple notes sheets incredibly helpful for any classroom teacher or even substitute!

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