Note Card Names!

It’s round two of the note card name tags (well, sort of). Just like I did at the beginning of my first placement at Mason City High School, I had students create note card name tags with their names on the front and three things they wanted me to know about them on the back!

The major difference between my high schoolers and this group? The focus was to have three complete sentences 🙂 A different expectation for sure!

notecardsTo get to know the students, I integrated myself into the very first day. I introduced myself, then towards the end of the period I explained the note card activity–having them write their name (or nickname) really big on the front and their facts on the back. [Similar to Name Tags I did at the high school!]

I gave the students markers to color and told them they could decorate it as they wished! This was so simple, but an easy and fun way to get to know them!

I also connected the note cards to their narrative writing. On the back, they also had to write their topic for the personal narrative story. Their options were a favorite memory, a family/friend portrait, or a happy moment. Writing their topic helped them to both brainstorm and focus on what we’d been discussing over the past few days, so hopefully another small way to make the activity relevant. In the meantime, I’m memorizing names as fast as I can!

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