Newsletter: June 2023

Happy Summer! After ending our academic year on June 7, I thought we’d have plenty of time between that and the start of camps. . . but time flies (like it always does 😛) and before I knew it, we were jumping into our first two weeks of June 2023 Create & Play Summer Camp!

From obstacle courses to ninja battles, making teams and racing on the Slip ‘N Slide, here are some of the best highlights from our first two weeks of camp!

Camp Highlights:

  • Obstacle Courses – This was probably one of the BEST parts of our camp! First, the obstacles were leader-created, then campers worked in groups and/or had specific roles to build their own. Each course had to be (1) fun, (2) navigable for all kids, (3) safe, (3) related to the specific camp theme! We had a blast!
  • Theme Days – Every day of camp has a theme (sometimes the themes are repeated, but the activities are all new!). From battling with superheroes to being ninjas through the ‘Ninja Training Course’ having a theme led to even more fun!
  • Water Play – Most days we enjoyed some water games or activities: Drip Drip Splash, Slip ‘N Slide, Water Twister, and more!

More Highlights:

  • Arts & Crafts – Each day was filled with arts, crafts, hands-on activities, building, painting, or creating! We made Detective ID Badges, Ninja Eggs, birdhouses, and more!
  • Games – Teamwork is a big theme for our camps (and switching up our teams, too, so that we get to play with friends old and new!). We competed in games and did silly activities to test our skills, balance, coordination, and focus!
  • Friendship – The great thing about camp is being able to play with friends (old and new). It’s lovely to see new friends fit in with some of our school kids, and our school kids branching out and connecting with friends out side of the ‘pod.’ It was also special to see some of our younger siblings fold into the fun, too!

Other Summer Updates:

We’re gearing up for July Summer Camps, which are the last two weeks of July!

These weeks will be similar to June 2023 camps in structure and theme, but will have different activities, games, obstacles, and friends! If you’ve been thinking about enrolling your child, now is the time to sign up! [Click here to learn more & sign up!]

Spotlight Student:

Each month we celebrate a student (or students) who are doing exceptional academic work and/or been outstanding in terms of behavior, attitude, or empathy towards others.

This month’s Spotlight Student is Landon Love! After finishing out the school year strong with a great attitude and focus in the classroom, he joined BOTH of our June camps and was a shining star! 

Thank you, Landon, for being a leader and ‘bro’ to friends, new and old! 🌞

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