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Welcome Parents!

Hi families! This is our Parents Homepage, our little portal for upcoming events, daily happenings, important information, and weekly newsletter archive.

I will routinely update this page to provide notes, photos, and monthly homework!

parents page for the microschool in San Diego California

September Homework!

Every month I will share a new homework calendar that has clickable links. Students are required to complete at least 5 each month (one from each category + one extra) but they can do as much as they’d like!

Helpful Links

See More Microschool Updates:

Click on the image above to access our September calendar, filled with opportunities to enrich your child’s learning outside of the classroom. FIVE activities are required per month; the rest are optional!
I have a Teacher Pay Teachers website and routinely add activities, print-outs, worksheets, and supplementary material here. If you’re looking for other things to do at home, check this out!

Note From Marisa:

Hi & welcome to the Parents Homepage! I am beyond thrilled to offer this opportunity for our small group of students! My teaching philosophy is rooted in an individualized, constructivist approach where each student can access the material at his/her own level and is able to build meaningful connections between learning and other areas of life… while having FUN! In this small group, my goal is to help students have opportunities for individualized learning, positive socialization, and personalized strategies to help them grow uniquely and purposefully. As we navigate this post-pandemic climate, I am committed to helping each student succeed.

Thank you for trusting me with your child!

From Our Blog:

PS: Don’t forget to check our calendar!

If you’re curious when we have holiday breaks or time off, click on the image and it will expand to a full, downloadable size!