Narrative Writing: From Comic to Short Story

For my Narrative Unit [with Mason City High School sophomores], I had them create a ‘Day in the Life’ Comic, documenting, in first-person, and using the elements of narrative, a day in their personal lives.

For that complete lesson, click here.

day in the life

Following that lesson, I placed students in groups and had them share their completed comics with one another. Then we discussed, as a large group, the elements of narrative incorporated into their comics and did a refresher on figurative language.

Their next assignment was to take their comics and create a short, first-person story of the day that they chose incorporating both the elements of narrative and figurative language.

I used my personal comic as a model and the students and I created the start of a story together. The short narrative stories were due the following week.

examplecomicprev comicprev brainstormprev

Here is the complete lesson plan: Introduction to Narrative Writing – Narrative Comic Lesson Plan.

Here is the next lesson plan for introductions in narrative writing: Narrative Writing – Introductions

Here is the third lesson plan for background in narrative writing: Narrative Writing – Background

For notes on the lesson, click here.

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