My 504 Writing Student

From the beginning of my student teaching placement, I’ve had experience with and learned about 504 Plans. It wasn’t until my final week, however, that I received the official documentation of one of my student’s 504 Plans. This document really helped me to see and understand how 504 accommodations worked in a classroom.

This is the 504 Plan for one of my American Seminar students who struggles with writing and spelling. He is an extremely bright student, but he has severe dyslexia, and thus struggles on written assignments, tests, and in-class writing.

504 Plan, pg1 504 Plan, pg2

Above is his plan. Having this official document really helped me to see some accommodations I needed to make, especially in regard to oral assignments rather than written assessments, or the opportunity for spell-check; however, I did not receive this official plan until my last week, the second week in October. With School starting the first week in September, this definitely was a challenge I faced! But having the document helped me connect what I learned about the student and his assignments to his actual accommodations. Now I can make decisions that better assist his learning!

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