Reincarnation Activity

Today my students are taking their 5th-9th Tuesday Quiz, but after that, I wanted them to have a little fun.

I created a worksheet that incorporated one of Morrie’s statements about reincarnation. When I read that section aloud last week, we talked about what reincarnation was, and also about Morrie wanting to be reincarnated as a gazelle.

We even talked about what a gazelle was–an African deer, and touched on perhaps why he wanted to come back as a gazelle.

For a post-quiz fun activity, I had the students work on this Reincarnation Activity where they would talk about their own reincarnation choices, why, and even add a picture. I thought this could be an easy, and laid back way of bringing themes from the story into their lives. Plus, it’s a Monday. I wanted their post-quiz morning to be at least a little relaxing.

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