Leadership Style

I believe that the most effective leadership style is one that models an authoritative parenting style; because of this, my leadership in the classroom will be both strict and understanding. As a teacher, I will listen to my students and allow them to discuss, in a mature way, the consequences of their actions. I will be open to student input and ideas.  I think that an authoritative teaching style will be the most effective in my classroom because it will allow me to have authority and set rules, but my students will be more willing to respect me and listen to me because I acknowledge their ideas and consider their input. I know that the most effective form of leadership considers each individual student and how he or she learns. My goal is to engage every student and I will do this through an authoritative leadership style.

I will be a leader both in and out of the classroom. Outside of the classroom, I will be a leader in the school. I will be involved in school activities and extracurricular events. I know that being involved will not only benefit me but my students as well.

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