Effective Teacher Characteristics I Possess

I know that I am capable of being an effective teacher because I will act as a role model to my students. I am a very responsible person and I can time-manage very well. My ability to complete tasks on time will encourage my students to do the same. In addition to responsibility, I also display high levels of professionalism. I act appropriately and I demonstrate good common sense. In this way, I am an appropriate role model for my students, both academically and socially.

I am also very good at communicating. I will communicate effectively with my students, their parents, my colleagues, and administrators. I have a strong ability to understand, emphasize with, and work alongside others. I also possess a strong sense of perseverance. I do not give up on tasks, no matter the difficulty. In addition, I have a very positive attitude which will allow me to help my students get excited about learning.

My responsibility, professionalism, ability to communicate, and perseverance are all qualities that I pride myself on and will allow me to be a successful teacher.

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