Adapting for Cultural Minorities

I know that to be an effective teacher I must have cultural awareness, be positive in regards to cultural diversity, and use appropriate instructional tools. I also know that to have a comfortable and safe classroom environment, I must encourage tolerance within my students.

minoritiesIn my classroom, I plan to help students get along with each other and learn about each other, while still keeping their individual beliefs and traditions. I plan to be very open and fair towards all cultural students as well as encourage students to be this way with their peers.

I will make sure that my students feel safe at school. I can do this through having diverse posters, decorations, designs on the walls, and bulletin boards. I will make sure that my decorations display content from all backgrounds and ethnicities.

I will also have my students work in small groups to help promote tolerance, getting along with each other, and being comfortable talking to peers of different ethnicities and cultures. I will have all of my students talk about their cultures and share things with the class. I will also include scaffolding tools in my teaching to help culturally-diverse students succeed, for example a bi-lingual dictionary.

I know that I will be successful in adapting for cultural minorities because I will make sure my classroom is open, fair, and that it promotes successful learning for all students, no matter their cultural background.

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