Introductory Letter to Parents

Being a new teacher this year, there were a few things I wanted to do from the start.

  1. Introduce myself to students as a teacher/co-teacher
  2. Introduce myself to parents/guardians
  3. Make classroom policies clear and accessible
  4. Make sure that photographs/data collecting for my Student Teaching Capstone at Waldorf College was okay with both students and parents/guardians

To complete all of this, and to do it efficiently and effectively, I created a Letter to Parents (and Students)!


This was my way of communicating effectively, responsibly, and concisely with my students and parents. I made sure to add contact information as well as information about classroom policies and QUICK Time (the before-school help time). I also made sure to include some information about my Capstone course at Waldorf.

I made the reverse side of this letter the class syllabus for each of my classes (readily available!) I also required my students to have a parent/guardian look at the syllabus for homework. And finally, I posted the letter and syllabus online so that students could have constant access to it through their Google Classroom website.

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