Help Me With Halloween!

To keep with the Halloween spirit, I created an extension activity that incorporated the holiday and student writing–Help Me With Halloween!

This was a Google document I shared with the students on Google Classroom, asking them what they thought I should be for Halloween and why, followed by what they were being for Halloween. I had a range of responses, from goofy to serious, fun to thoughtful and sweet.

This activity helped them write, revise, and develop responses with reasons why they felt a certain way. Though I wasn’t grading these assignments, I made sure to give each student feedback and comment.

They really got into it! Some students wanted me to update them about my ending costume choice. 🙂 I really thought this was a fun and easy way to build relationships with them and help them stay engaged, with writing-related activities, during class time.

You can find more extension activities here & here!

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