A Back To School Video Your Students Need To Watch Right Now

“How psyched are you to have the opportunity to learn about out the universe and its inhabitants for several hours a day at no cost to you?!”

I stumbled across this video by John Green and had to share. Not only is he hilarious (and talking at break-neck speeds through the entirety of this clip) but he looks at the whole back-to-school time of year in a positive way. School doesn’t always compare to the freedom and warm temps of summer, but when we show our students the positives (in an engaging YouTube clip) we might get at least a laugh out of them.

Sometimes being in a classroom all day isn’t thrilling to your students, but when we take a second to remind them what they’re gaining and how essential (and lucky they are!) to have an education, we can perhaps make the most out of this time of here.

Want a good laugh and some positive reminders? Check out John Green’s “Open Letter To Students Returning to School.

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