4 Good Questions To Ask Yourself As You’re Getting Ready For The Start Of The School Year

Starting another school year is exciting! But how can you make sure you’re not falling back into the same patterns? How can you determine whether your teaching has gone stale, or if you need to add/change/modify? What, specifically should you ask yourself as you’re preparing?

Here are some great questions as you start to think about the new year:


“Sometimes, we need to look for quick answers to immediate questions, like ‘Where can I go for new ideas to start the school year?’ Before we jump to something cool or exciting, though, it’s really important to take a small step back and ask a couple of questions: ‘What do I want my students to know, understand, and be able to do in relation to their own literacy development?’ and ‘Will the things I find contribute to those things? How will they?’

A possible third and fourth question might be: ‘What do these resources say about students, literacy learning, and teaching? Are those things I believe?'”

— Linda Adler-Kassner, CCCC Chair


“We plan activities to get to know our students in authentic ways, but do we have a plan to ensure they get to be their authentic selves in our classrooms?”

— Chad Everett, from “The Work of Back to School


“By connecting with other teachers, exploring the surrounding community, and engaging through social media, teachers can experience the support of their professional communities and find the energy and inspiration to throw open their doors.”

— Katie Greene, from “Swinging Open Our Classroom Doors” in English Journal


“I learn about my new students by asking them interesting questions about themselves and really listening to their responses. It might sound simplistic, but carefully listening to students is crucial during the initial getting-to-know-you period of a new school year. It’s a powerful way to establish student-teacher relationships by building trust.”

— John DePasquale, from “Student Interest Surveys: Getting to Know You


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