20 Things We Need To Say More Often

I stumbled across this adorable video the other night. It’s by a young boy who (in the cutest little voice) lists 20 things we all need to say more often, from serious to funny, and all super important.

As I watched, I couldn’t help but smile, laugh along with him, and nod my head. As teachers, we often forget that our words can go a long way with our students. Even something as simple as, “You can do it” or You’re so awesome” can change a student’s entire day, even week. It can be the confidence they need to feel successful in the classroom; it can also show them that someone is supporting them and genuinely cares about them.

Here’s the video. Take a second to watch it:

This clip is relevant for all ages. Actually, I would even encourage showing it to your middle school students! This video is something 6-8th graders can totally connect to, and it could help promote positivity and uplifting words rather than bullying.


  1. So adorable! Thank you for sharing 🙂 During my graduate children’s literacy class, I was shown another video of him explaining how important education is and LOVED it.

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