This Incredible Music App Can Change The Entire Mood Of Your Classroom

What is Recently I connected with Joanna Yu, the Co-founder and CEO of, an app that blends both music and wellness to create a therapeutic listening experience for all users.

As stated on the app’s website,

“ is the first music-focused wellness app. We are the first to combine music therapy and mindfulness techniques for immersive and customizable music listening.”

So what does this mean? Yu, a music therapist, wanted to spread the techniques of music therapy, primarily Iso-Principle, to the largest audience possible. This specific technique is about matching one’s mood with music they’re listening to, and in turn being able to influence and shift that mood effortlessly by simply changing the music.

For example, if one is feeling anxious, Yu says, “Guided music experiences can be first used to match his mood and then calm those senses comprehensively and organically. This ultimately straightforward idea is a large part of why works so well.”

From reducing stress to shifting away negative energy, this app has incredible benefits for the classroom. was founded July 10, 2017 by a team of board-certified music therapists, world class producers, and Stanford writers. Since its creation, it has been spreading wildly, and just as Yu had hoped, influencing a large audience. (Like us, in the teaching world!)

Not only can this app change one’s mental/emotional state, but users can increase cognition, reduce both physical and emotional stress, and boost performance. Studies have also shown that music can help in reducing opioid use, lower blood pressure, and calm one’s heart rate. The benefits are endless!

In a school setting, the app can help to release academic pressure, which allows students to feel more at ease while working on in-class projects, having class discussions, and even meeting one-on-one with teachers/professors. can have benefits for interpersonal relationships, work/school performance, and general disposition, too!

There are both guided and unguided sessions, (which you can listen to, here,) such as: Anxiety Relief on the Beach, No Judgement in the Rain, Breakup, Sleep Lullaby, Public Speaking, Energy Boost, Whole Body Relaxation, Romantic Intimacy, and more.

These soundtracks can be played during independent or group work time, to help shift students’ mental states away from anxiety and into relaxation, or even confidence. Teachers can also use the music to help students with studying techniques, or to create a more positive conference environment. There are incredible advantages for using in the school setting!

Interested? You can download for free, HERE.

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