First Day With A Ten-Year-Old Boy!

 As a secondary student, I hardly get the chance to work with younger kids. When I was told by my professor that we would be working with younger students, I was thrilled! Even though this boy might be younger than I’m used to, I’m excited to incorporate ideas and strategies I’ve learned and accommodate for his level, and then relate this to older students in my other clinicals/future classroom.

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Marginal Notes

I am not a big fan of annotations, mostly because I hated them when I was in high school and I feel that students are often distracted by them because they stop comprehending and instead focus on what they should mark to get a good annotation grade.             That being said….I do think that note-taking is important while reading, as both a during reading and post-reading strategy. That’s why I like this Marginal Notes strategy. Continue reading

Beat the Author

This strategy is called Beat the Author.’ In this strategy, the teacher will give students a section of the story to read. It will cut off at a certain point, and at that point, the teacher will give students several options of what text will come next—this will be in multiple-choice format and have different sections of writing with only one correct section. The students will have to read and analyze the author’s writing in the previous sections very closely in order to select the chunk of text that is actually written by the author. Continue reading