Scarlet Letter Quiz

Tests and quizzes are great for making sure students have read and for assessing their comprehension. Across my classes, I’ve done plenty of formative assessments, but for my American Seminar class specifically, I needed to mix in a summative assessment to see how much the students had actually retained from reading and discussion and to see what parts of the book I needed to discuss. Continue reading

Employability Skills

What are ‘Employability Skills’? That was one of my first questions heading into my student teaching placement at Mason City High School. According to MCHS and the rest of the district, Employability Skills are a set of standards that meet criteria such as responsibility, thinking creatively and critically, or being a self-directed learner, just to name a few. In other words, a skill set that is essential beyond graduation for any career or college. It is a way of assessing students outside of content knowledge and looking at their ability to be successful in a world after high school. Continue reading