Share This Cute Puppy Video With Your Students (And Make A Difference!)

The video shares the truth–cute puppies fight boredom and put smiles on our faces! So why not show this 3 minute segment to your class? The best part: for every view, Purina will donate one pound of Puppy Chow Natural, and up to 500,000 pounds of dog food, to help feed pups across the country!

So do you really have a reason not to share? (The answer is no).

Sometimes we just need to take a minute to refresh ourselves, to refocus, and to smile. This video might not have anything to do with your big test on Friday, but it sure can lighten the mood!

Share this video and share the love; you could even give a mini-lesson on the impact of social media or making a difference. But regardless of whether you make this video educational or fun, it’s a definite mood-lifter (for a good cause!)

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