Video Footage

Video footage of me in the classroom.

This is a video of me explaining a collaborative group project to my tenth grade Honors English students during my first student teaching placement at Mason City High School.

For the first half of the period these students met with others of the same color chairs (I previously assigned them topics based on chair color). Then they were instructed to move and find other people of different colors to form new groups. Once they were in their new groups, I explained how they were to share their information with their new group members, which is what I’m doing in the video below! [To read more about this lesson, click here.]







The videos below are me in my Honors tenth grade classroom during my student teaching placement in Mason City High School. I am working on the novel The Old Man and the Sea, and asking my students to pretend I am clueless and tell me what I need to know about the book, it’s theme, elements, symbolism, etc.

Introducing Old Man and the Sea ideas.
Discussing elements in The Old Man and the Sea, specifically the lions.
The old man fishes, fails, fishes, fails. The end. Is that the plot? Adding some humor to my lesson.
Okay, now what about symbolism?
Elements of the writing–Hemingway’s style. But also pushing beyond to think of underlying symbolism.
Pushing students to go beyond the plot and into the symbolism.
Pushing students to think about characters and their relationships.

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