Multicultural Practicum

A college course that emphasized the importance of cultural awareness and placed students in classrooms with high levels of diversity.

A Lesson in Culture – Visiting Heritage Academy - For the second and final week of my Multicultural Practicum class on diversity in education, me and a classmate were placed in Heritage Academy of Science and Technology in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A 100% Somali school, this was something completely different than the public school systems I've grown up with and taught in. I didn't know what to expect.
Wait…You Don’t Speak English? - Last week I went to Storm Lake High School for my Multicultural summer class exploring diversity in education. Storm Lake is a school in an incredibly diverse city that changed my perspective on both ESL and becoming an English teacher.
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – Serving at a Community Kitchen! - As a part of my two week summer class, Multicultural Practicum, me and my fellow students went to the North Iowa Community Kitchen to help serve. We did this as a way to connect to the local community, and to see how the community can play a huge role in the schools.
A Trip to Waterloo! - I'm currently enrolled in a 2-week summer class, Multicultural Practicum, which focuses on diversity and culture in education, and ways that teaching can adapt and be changed by the environment of the school or the students. Today we headed to Waterloo, Iowa to see a community struggling with diversity, and working to adapt and change for the growing, cultured community.
A Class Divided - As a part of my two-week Multicultural Practicum, a class focused on diversity in education, we watched A Class Divided, an episode of Frontline based on the Iowa schoolteacher Jane Elliott and her third grade classroom.