Jericho Walls & Lions of Little Rock



Lesson plans and activities related to the novels Jericho Walls and Lions of Little Rock.

Aimed for middle schoolers, but can be adapted for high school students as well.


Student Example – Jericho Walls Character Sketch - A few class sessions ago, I had my sixth grade students work on a character sketch for the narrator, Jo, in their novel Jericho Walls. Because they are working on predicting, and because I really wanted them to get a deeper understanding of the narrator, I led the class in a group discussion about Jo andContinue reading "Student Example – Jericho Walls Character Sketch"
Lions of Little Rock Character Sketch - Today I worked with Mrs. Sopko’s afternoon sixth grade classes on their book, Lions of Little Rock.
Jericho Walls Character Sketch - Today I was able to teach a lesson to sixth graders! First I read out loud to them to catch them up to the other sixth grade classes. Then I started the lesson, which I had prepared on character/narrator within their book, Jericho Walls. The first thing I did was lead a group discussion aboutContinue reading "Jericho Walls Character Sketch"