Creative Writing Lesson Plans



Lessons, activities, and planning that incorporates and teaches creative writing. Can be applied in both middle and high school classrooms.


Poetry Lessons in the High School - For the last two years, I've been a part of a group of students and faculty from Waldorf that spends a day at Forest City High School teaching students about poetry! This is something that the college has planned with one of the English teachers at FCHS, Scott Bertelsen and it has been a great success!
Dear Sixth Grade Self - As my eighth graders discussed the theme of growing up in the novel House on Mango Street, I had them connect the idea to their own lives---How had they grown up? Especially in the transition from sixth to eighth grade?
Poetry Lesson Plan – Annotations - “A woman is not a potted plant.”   Wait, what? The look of confusion on my student’s faces was prominent as I stood in front of the class with Alice Walker’s poem, “A Woman is Not a Potted Plant” and asked them what they thought that title meant. Poetry. It’s beautiful. It’s complicated. And studentsContinue reading "Poetry Lesson Plan – Annotations"
Analyzing Poetry and Poetry Components - Let’s be honest…poetry is hard. In fact, it’s the genre that makes most students squirm in their seats–from middle school to even college!
Analyzing Poetry and Poetry Components - Poetry is my favorite genre of creative writing. I love that so much can be said in so little, and I’m constantly encouraging my students to explore the figurative language and literary devices seen in poetry to deepen their own writing.
Introduction to Poetry/Literary Devices – Lesson Plan - I've always believed in the importance of creative writing in the classroom. Not only does it help to expand on topics in new, fresh ways, but it also helps students to get out of their comfort zone, relate to material on a deeper level, and sometimes even have fun! (Shocker!)