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One of the most important things you can do as a practitioner is be committed to your growth. That means continually learning, researching, adopting new strategies, and re-thinking how to structure your lessons and programs. Our commitment to education is the following: always progress and always individualize.

Here’s the breakdown of our philosophy and what we focus on, in both our large/small-group learning programs and individualized services.

1. We believe that Learning Shouldn’t Stop

Our company was founded almost eleven years ago on the principle that learning should be individualized because each student learns differently. Although, at the start, our founder couldn’t quite conceptualize this. . . the idea was budding even then.

Now, years later, we are committed to this idea: learning—and the programs, strategies and ideas created to facilitate learning—should be as unique as the people using them.

As such, our founder has not only continued her education, but committed herself to continually growing. From an undergraduate program, to graduating from a Masters’ program in the heart of the 2020 pandemic, Marisa has dedicated her personal journey to continually adapting new strategies, researching new programs, working with new mentors, and experimenting with new programs to continually offer not only the best but the most updated educational services to her students and families.

2. We Focus On Intuitive Teaching

We believe in the idea of ‘Intuitive Teaching.’ Intuitive Teaching means ‘reading the room’ as far as what your students need, what’s being understood or still confusing, and how programs, activities, and strategies can be adapted to a ‘best fit.’

Intuitive Teaching also means that you’re prioritizing the strengths and focus areas of your students rather than teaching, pushing, or testing to a test or standard.

It’s less about getting your student to a certain level and more about making sure that you’re offering an educational experience that actually fits and is intentional.

3. We Follow A Whole-Student Approach

Our commitment to education goes beyond the classroom. We are not only focused on what our students need academically, but creatively, socially, physically, and emotionally, too.

Our students learn best when we focus on the ‘Whole-Student Approach,’ which is recognizing them as individuals rather than just learners. When we meet them where they are, when we understand their lives and situations, and when intentionally build relationships with them, they flourish.

That’s because learning is about the whole child, not just the academic portion.

4. We Believe That Change Is Good

Education is not static. Therefore, we believe that change—to our programs, to our philosophy, to our strategies, to our approach, etc.—is necessary to build credible programs and offerings.

We believe that change is good because it means, as a company, that we’re moving forward. We change to adapt to our learner differences, needs, and goals. We also change based on current educational trends and what we think is best for the students and families that we serve.

If you have other questions about our teaching philosophies and commitment to education, head to our contact page to speak to our founder directly!

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