It’s Time For Some Positive Self-Talk

Have you seen the video of the little girl, telling herself happy thoughts in the mirror? If not, you need to. And you need to show it to your classroom.

Positive self-talk is huge. It’s what helps redirect our minds and energy, and it’s what creates productivity in our lives and classrooms. In this adorable video clip, little Jessica is doing her ‘Daily Affirmation,’ aka telling herself positive, happy things in the mirror to start her day:

How awesome is this!? (If you’re not at least smiling, then something’s wrong with you.) 🙂
This video serves as a reminder that we need to stop and appreciate the life we have. For our young students especially, it’s important for them to learn how to do this–give themselves positive affirmations so that they can learn to develop confidence and start their days on the right path.

How can you positively affirm yourself today?
What are you thankful for?
How can you be an encouragement today?

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