Involving Parents

I know that students do better in the classroom when there is parent involvement; this is why I am going to communicate effectively with the parents of my students. When I talk with parents, I will include a student’s successes and triumphs in the classroom, as well as a student’s weaknesses and problems. I plan to have a conference at the start of the year to both introduce myself to the parents and have the parents get to know me. I will give an overview of myself as a teacher, my goals for the semester or year, and my teaching style. I will also gather parent emails and phone numbers from this initial conference, so that I am prepared if I ever need to speak with a parent about a compliment or concern.

In the beginning of the year, I will have my students fill out an inventory sheet to familiarize myself with their names and their involvement in and out of the classroom. This will give me an opportunity to gather all parent emails and phone numbers.

Other ways that I will involve parents in the classroom is through opportunities for involvement, such as chaperones for a fieldtrip or something outside of the classroom to involve parents. Another involvement option would be a website. With a website I can post information about my lessons, unit, and any other information a parent would be interested in knowing. This will help to keep parents involved in their children’s education. I will also hold a number of conferences throughout the year to keep the parents updated on their child’s progress.

Through these involvement strategies, I plan to be a teacher that not only educates but also communicates on a professional level.

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