Illegal Immigrants – So What’s the Big Deal?

Illegal Immigration: This is a huge, controversial topic that I find is often overlooked.

immigrationAs a part of my two-week Multicultural Practicuma class I took back in May that focused on diversity in education, one of the biggest topics that stumped me was the idea of immigration in the United States and whether or not it is a problem.

I found that there are two distinct perspectives, yet both very valid.

I thought I’d expound on this idea as this topic may [and probably will] come up in your high school, or even middle school classes.

**DISCLAIMER: I am not posting my beliefs / point of view on this post whatsoever. This post is not meant, in any way, to take a side on the issue, rather, the idea is to openly state opinions of both sides in order to learn, educate, and see what others respond. 

  1. Perspective: Immigration takes away jobs from American people and also allows taxpayers to fund these non-citizens as they attend schools, take ESL classes for free, receive free/reduced price medical and healthcare, receive free/reduced price lunches, etc. Because of the influx of immigrants, the country has begun accommodating for non-English speakers rather than keeping with the native, English language. 
  2. Perspective: Immigration allows for individuals to pursue better lives for themselves and their families in a country that has been a melting pot for hundreds of years. The jobs that these individuals are taking are largely low-paying, factory work that other American citizens are not always taking. These people work hard to assimilate to American culture and raise their families learning English and attending American schools.

immigration2In a world that is continually changing, a topic like illegal immigration is very relevant, especially as students may encounter immigrants as their peers and may be challenged with their own perspectives as well as perspectives from their families.

I’m curious to see what others think about this topic. Is there a way to educate on illegal immigration / immigration to the United States? How do we, as teachers, accommodate for immigrant students without bending the rules too much in their favor?

Thoughts and ideas welcome!

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