End of Fall 2014 Clinical Placement – Final Reflection

I finished my Fall 2014 clinical placement at Mason City High School in early December. This was one of the most influential experiences, as I was able to completely take control of two classes of sophomores and really feel prepared for student teaching.

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As part of my personal reflection on the semester, I asked my students to complete an ‘End of Semester Evaluation’ on me as their teacher. I told the students to be honest and not to put their names so that it could be confidential.

Below are three student reflections:

Student 2 Reflection

Student 1 Reflection

Anonymous Reflection

This was wonderful feedback for me as I head into my final semester of clinicals!

Based on my student feedback, I think one of my strengths is being personal with the students. I learned names right away, which helped to build relationships. I feel that my students trusted and respected me. Something that I think I can improve upon is my loudness and confidence. I wanted my students to like me, but as one student pointed out in the evaluation, I could ‘care less about what the students thought’. This is about confidence, and I know that the more time I spent at the front of the classroom, the better I’ll be at this.

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