Creating Eiffel Towers Out of Canned Goods!

For the last day of my student teaching placement, students in Dugout (the group of sixth, seventh, & eighth graders that hang together on Fridays at 10:30) participated in a canned food drive where they made sculptures out of their items!

This, as you would imagine, was crazy! But what a fun way to get middle schoolers to gather canned/boxed goods and do something fun with them.

Here’s what the craziness looked like:

At first students were all trying to create one thing–a huge Eiffel Tower–in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks. Because there were too many kids and way too many items (yay!) students broke into their Dugout groups and started making two different towers.

It’s crazy how tall and complex their creations were! How fun! 🙂

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