5 Stupidly Simple Tips For Organizing Your Classroom

how to organize your classroom, organized class items

Classroom organization is one of the easiest ways to encourage and promote student learning, as orderly classrooms help with focus, concentration, and engagement. Having a tidy classroom benefits you (the educator), too, helping you to stay prepared and ready at the start of every day.

Whether you’re looking to simply put things in their proper place, or create smooth transitions between activities, here are 5 stupidly simple ways to organize your classroom. Continue reading

7 Best Books For Kids In 2018

best books for kids

I am always on the hunt for the books, whether that’s best for children or middle schoolers, best for the classroom, or even best for teachers and adults, I’m always searching the shelves! I personally believe that you can never have too many books, or too much reading!

This summer, my search did not disappoint. From a full-length book written by a ten-year-old, to heartwarming picture books about dogs and their adventures, this list books for kids covers the younger ages, to about middle school level (and the adults who read with them, of course, because who can resist a puppy or a story about growing up?!)

Whether gathering materials for your classroom, browsing through, or reading at home, here is a list of this summer’s best books for kids.

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This GPA Calculator Will Help Your College Students Stay On Track All Year

book with sticky notes and calculator

Understanding grade point average (GPA) is a challenge many students face. Looking back on my years as an undergrad, I was always curious where I stood or how I had scored, especially when professors weren’t keen to share information as quick as I wanted, or too busy to meet with me individually when I had a question about pending assignments, tests, and grades.

However, free resources and tools have surfaced all over the internet. This GPA Calulator, by CollegeGPAcalc.com, being one of them. This Calculator is helping students solve this exact GPA problem on their own. Continue reading

We Need To Talk About Pressure

In early February, a family friend shared this powerful article about a young boy’s suicide and the note he left behind for family and friends. I read the article, the note, found myself nodding my head in agreement, and over the past two months have thought about this young boy so many times that I knew I had to write about him. His story is one of pain and pressure, of constantly feeling the stress from a society that’s saying ‘more more more.’

As an educator, and someone who works closely with kids and teens, this story was heartbreaking. We need to talk about pressure; we need to talk about what this pressure looks like in the lives of our students. Continue reading

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! Here’s a SALE For You!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! Whether you’re a home school teacher, tutor, specialized instructor, traditional classroom teacher, aide, assistant, in the administration department, or teach elective courses – this is a day celebrating you and the impact you have made, and are continually making on the lives of children/young adults/adults! It is because of you that learning is both possible and fun. So thank you.

In the spirit of giving back, Teachers Pay Teachers, the site where, as most of you know, I host all my teaching resources and products, is having a giant sale! Continue reading

How School Shootings Shape Classroom Curriculum

Just the other day I stumbled across a powerful piece on school shootings and how they’ve shaped (American) society emotionally, politically, spiritually, and in terms of our literature. The article, “When Change Doesn’t Happen: School Shootings and the Piles of Novels That Follow” by Maria Eliades brought forth some striking information and perspectives that I thought were necessary to discuss. Continue reading