Thinking About Homeschool? Here Are 6 Tips From A Mom-Turned-Homeschool Director

parent with homeschooling materials

It’s been two months of full-time homeschooling. In August 2020, I went from a full-time small business owner and bonus mama to homeschool director in a matter of days. (And to be honest, I’m still juggling all of those roles!) But even though my load has increased, even though some days are pretty darn tough, and even though everyone around me thinks I’m absolutely insane (haha!), I’m thankful I stepped into this journey.

If you’re considering homeschooling, here are six tips from someone in the proverbial trenches:

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7 Ways Teachers Can Stay Safe Online

ways teachers can stay safe online

The virtual landscape has shifted dramatically over the past few weeks, and as a result of that change, teachers have been diving headfirst into online education. Learning anything new comes with new challenges: programs, technology, and discovering ways to stay safe online.

Whether you’re well-versed in virtual learning, or just beginning to navigate new platforms for the first time, here are some tips for keeping yourself and your students safe: Continue reading

4 Game-Changing Ideas To Increase Your Teacher Productivity

As a teacher, you’re often running from one thing to the next. From setting up your classroom to making copies of notes, to creating new lesson plans, to redesigning how you want to teach a concept based on what your students completed (or didn’t) yesterday, there is always something on your plate. That’s why learning ways to increase your teacher productivity is so important—not only for your mental health and well-being, but for your students, too.

When you’re working efficiently and are less stressed about your workload, you have more time to focus on your students and their needs. Plus, your kids can feel your positive energy and this leads to a better and higher functioning classroom overall.

From delegating tasks to your students to learning how to implement automation in ways you’ve probably never considered, here are four game-changing ideas to increase what you get done (with less stress and effort). Continue reading

10 Tips And Tricks For Easy Student Grading

tips for easy grading, grading notebook with highlighter

Grading can be a daunting task. Whether you solely use online programs that automate scores and percentages, or manually record points and comments and then transfer over your information to a system, chances are, your grading process takes a lot of time and effort. However, there are ways to make this process easier!

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A Back To School Video Your Students Need To Watch Right Now

“How psyched are you to have the opportunity to learn about out the universe and its inhabitants for several hours a day at no cost to you?!”

I stumbled across this video by John Green and had to share. Not only is he hilarious (and talking at break-neck speeds through the entirety of this clip) but he looks at the whole back-to-school time of year in a positive way. School doesn’t always compare to the freedom and warm temps of summer, but when we show our students the positives (in an engaging YouTube clip) we might get at least a laugh out of them. Continue reading