A Great Vocabulary (and Reading) Resource!

Wow! Things are really starting to get crazy as summer winds down and school starts up again.
As I’ve been preparing for student teaching (which starts at the end of this week, yay!) I’ve been looking into several teaching resources and reading a lot of teacher websites and blogs. Something I came across a few months ago is ReadWorks, an awesome company with a website that features boatloads of vocabulary words, short reading passages, assessments, lessons, and standards. It is seriously such a great resource!

Anyways, I subscribe to the ReadWorks email posts and this one came in today: Building Academic Vocabulary with K-12 Texts. Since I will start working with 10th and 11th graders this Thursday, I had to explore! What I found were tons of academic passages with relevant vocabulary words–an easy and excellent way to incorporate vocabulary into the curriculum. I know that vocabulary is learned better when the student reads words in context rather than rote memorization; I think these passages will help solve that problem!


I just thought I’d share this link because I find this website super helpful!

Happy Monday and happy teaching!

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