Tuesdays With Morrie – Online Text

Let’s face it. Students aren’t always going to follow directions and bring their books to class, despite our best efforts to remind them. It’s the sad reality about being a teacher.

The awesome thing about Tuesdays with Morrie, however, is that there is an online version of the book for those students who somehow forgot to bring their book to class.

morrieTo access the online version, click here.

To access/download the pdf version, click here. [These are courtesy of Shahid Riaz]. 

This version starts with the Acknowledgements, then goes to ‘The Curriculum’. Though page numbers are different, it is still an excellent way to keep those who forgot their book still engaged in the class discussion. Students can access the book via their own computers, or it can be shown on an overhead–both ways help to keep your class on track and not waste time dealing with unprepared students.

Plus, if they happen to forget their books at school, they can use the online version to keep reading! A very easy way to classroom manage and make learning accessible for all students.

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