Teaching Vocabulary – Lesson/Game

Vocabulary is a huge part of any English/Reading classroom, but no student wants to sit at a desk and memorize words and definitions…so, I decided to make a fun vocabulary lesson/game for my sophomore students!

I think it’s important to engage students in fun and interesting ways while still instructing them on main concepts–that’s what inspired this idea! My vocabulary lesson includes 10 different words. Students will be placed into two teams and will compete against each other (speed is key!) to select the correct word that matches with the definition I will read out loud.

The fun part of this game is that the students will compete one-on-one. The student that is competing will come to the front of the classroom and use a flyswatter to slap the correct word as it’s projected via overhead or computer on the screen/blackboard. (These two images below are what I will show my students on the board as the game begins)

Vocabulary Game 1 Vocabulary Game 2

  • I wanted to make the game challenging, so I included similar words, such as ‘conquer’ and ‘concur’.
  • Halfway through the game, I switched the slide to the second picture, so that the words would be scrambled and more challenging.

Vocabulary Lesson/Game: 

  • 2 teams, green and blue
  • count of kids by twos
  • flyswatters (2)
  • projector on computer
  • several different vocab pages
  • final: 2 definitions, 2 sentences
  1. abrasive- causing irritation, harsh; grinding or wearing down; a substance used to smooth or polish
  2. acclimate- to adapt to a new climate, environment, or situation
  3. chagrin- irritation or humiliation caused by disappointment or frustration; to cause such a feeling
  4. complacent- self-satisfied; overly content
  5. concur- to express agreement, approve
  6. pandemonium- a wild uproar, din, or commotion
  7. receptive- open and responsive to ideas or suggestions
  8. repress- to hold back; to put down or check by force
  9. reticent- not inclined to speak; reserved; reluctant
  10. savory- tasty, appetizing; pungent or salty, not sweet; inoffensive, respectable

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