How Do I Research?

My sixth graders are going to begin a short research activity to prepare them for a larger research project on wolves the following two weeks. For this short research activity, I wanted them to research about an animal that they would want to have as a pet…but before doing that, I knew I needed them to understand how to research and how to find credible sources. Continue reading


My eighth graders are working on a perseverance project to tie into Hunger Games. To connect main character Katniss’ life with other lives, the students are researching a person in their field of interest and finding evidence as to how that individual persevered through difficult times and challenges. To do this, they need to use the internet—thus the CRAP Test–finding reliable sources. Continue reading

Research is Fun [Weird!]

In my opinion, teaching students to write in first person (about themselves, their life experiences, their reflections, etc.) is much easier than teaching students to write academically or write research papers. That is why I like this strategy: Research is Fun, because I think that finding new ways to teach research/professional writing is essential for engaging them in the classroom content. Continue reading

Volunteerism to Inspire Research/Writing

Using volunteerism to inspire research and writing:

First, students will be given a list of local places in the community. The students are given the freedom to choose one that connects with them personally, research some background on it—go there, talk to people, go on a tour, etc. and then begin several different reports on what they discovered. The reports will serve as both pre-writing and actual writing activities. Students will talk about what the facility looks like, and then create an Objective Report, a Profile/Personal Interview, an Investigative Report, a Letter to the organization, and an Evaluation Essay. Continue reading