4 Game-Changing Ideas To Increase Your Teacher Productivity

As a teacher, you’re often running from one thing to the next. From setting up your classroom to making copies of notes, to creating new lesson plans, to redesigning how you want to teach a concept based on what your students completed (or didn’t) yesterday, there is always something on your plate. That’s why learning ways to increase your teacher productivity is so important—not only for your mental health and well-being, but for your students, too.

When you’re working efficiently and are less stressed about your workload, you have more time to focus on your students and their needs. Plus, your kids can feel your positive energy and this leads to a better and higher functioning classroom overall.

From delegating tasks to your students to learning how to implement automation in ways you’ve probably never considered, here are four game-changing ideas to increase what you get done (with less stress and effort). Continue reading