Creating My Own Rubric

During my clinical hours at Garner-Hayfield-Ventura High School in the fall of 2013, I created a rubric for a research paper in a 12th grade English classroom. I was very interested in this specific research paper because the student whose paper I was examining seemed deficient in several areas, especially for being a 12th-grader. I decided to create a rubric based off of her paper to learn more about the criteria I would assess as a future teacher, and what grade I would give this particular student. Continue reading

The Widely-Held Expectations in Intellectual, Writing, and Reading Development

As a future English/Reading teacher, I’ve had plenty of experience [in the classroom and in clinical placements] evaluating student work/student abilities, whether that be their basic intellectual skills, their writing skills, or their reading skills.

In my Assessment and Goal-Setting course at Waldorf College, I studied the Widely-Held Expectations in Intellectual, Writing, and Reading Development, specifically for ages 7-13 years old. Continue reading