Tackling Our Students’ Mental Health Through Literature

As a secondary English teacher, mental health is a huge issue I’ve faced, both in and out of the classroom. I’ve also seen this in my personal life, with friends, siblings of friends, and people I’ve encountered who have battled depression and other mental illnesses.

These illnesses are disabling, their crippling, and they make a huge impact on the way we learn and approach the world.

That’s why awareness, understanding, and compassion are THE most important ways, as teachers, we can connect with our struggling students. Continue reading

Dealing with the ‘D’ Word

Back in mid-May, I visited Four Oaks in Mason City, Iowa, which is a live-in treatment facility for struggling youth. As stated on their website, Four Oaks provides:

“prevention, intervention and treatment programs and services…Some [children] have been in trouble with the law, got into drugs or ran away from home; that’s when we work with them to teach them a better way to live. Others have challenges in the classroom; we teach them in a way that works for them. And when kids need a safe, secure home, we find foster care or a forever family.”

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