Speed Read Relay!

This week’s meeting with our ten-year-old boy was a little different due to the Easter holiday and having Monday off. For today’s lesson, my plan was to start with a review of what the student had previously learned, and also engage him in a way that would keep him active and not bored [since there were moments in the last session where he seemed tired and less interested]. Continue reading

First Day With A Ten-Year-Old Boy!

 As a secondary student, I hardly get the chance to work with younger kids. When I was told by my professor that we would be working with younger students, I was thrilled! Even though this boy might be younger than I’m used to, I’m excited to incorporate ideas and strategies I’ve learned and accommodate for his level, and then relate this to older students in my other clinicals/future classroom.

Continue reading

Wordly Wise Time!

“It’s a Wordly Wise day? Awh mannnnnn!”

That was the chorus I heard at the start of every sixth grade class period today. I knew, going in, that students weren’t huge fans of learning the new vocabulary words and then being tested on them every day of the week. It’s monotonous. I totally get it! But…my goal was to present the words to them in a slideshow that was fun and could keep them a little more engaged. Continue reading