Parents Say the Darndest Things, Too! [ An Unexpected Conference]

Conferences are supposed to be this warm and fuzzy time where you talk to parents about their students, celebrate their successes, discuss areas for growth, and go over the activities and progress made since the first day of school…right? Well, in an ideal world. Conferences aren’t always easy, but today I had a conference experience that really left me speechless. Continue reading

Weekly Goal #1

My first week, well full week, of student teaching was a little crazy! I wasn’t sure what to expect going in. I knew that from the start I would take over the English 10 classes. I also knew that I would try to jump in as much as possible with the other classes: American Seminar 11 and Honors 10. And I knew I would be introduced as Mrs. Stanton’s co-teacher from the start, which I was excited about because it gave me an important authority role from the start of the school year. Continue reading