Complete 6-Week Unit for Tuesdays with Morrie

Tuesdays with Morrie is an amazing novel. It deals with death, love, hardship, family, friendship, faith, and positivity, and is an amazing book for high schoolers to read. In my student teaching experience, I created a full six-week unit for the novel, complete with standards-aligned assignments, assessments, projects, papers, and activities. This is it!

In creating my unit, I made sure to spend time breaking down parts of the story. Though it is an easy read, there are so many important characters, themes, and ideas.

As I made plans, revised, and re-made plans, I came up with a final, six-week unit that really gives a deep and meaningful understanding of the text.

This is a preview of my unit. It includes the standards reached each week, as well as activities, Essential Question(s) (EQ),  Learning Objectives (LO), Resources/materials, Teaching Strategies, and Independent Practice or homework.


If you are looking for an amazing, pre-made unit resource—this is it!
The best part? It corresponds with all of my other Tuesdays with Morrie resources!

**You can view/download this six-week plan by clicking here: Complete 6-Week Tuesdays with Morrie Unit Plan.

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